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Support Documentation

Below is a list of some frequently asked questions, as well as links that may help you interact with some of our services:

How do I check my email?

How to do I know if I am using a G Suite email?

My Gmail based emails keep going to spam, what can I do?

How do I use my email with programs such as Outlook?
How do I administer my G Suite Account?
You can login in as the admin of the domain at http://admin.google.com with your administrator username and password.
Alternately, individual accounts can login to their specific account at http://myaccount.google.com

I need more Gmail storage space, how can I get more?
You can upgrade storage space individually by purchasing more "Drive" space from Google here. Log into your account online and visit https://drive.google.com/u/1/settings/storage. Billing agreements will be made directly with Google.

How Do I get into the admin of my hosting account?
Most of our hosting packages come with cPanel. Visit the following URL to get to your cPanel login:

Note! Replace the term example.com with your actual domain name.

How can I see statistics on my website traffic?
Most of our hosting packages come with cPanel Awstats and Webalizer statistics. ISM, Inc. can also integrate Google Analytics tracking software into your website. In this instance you will need a Google email address to access the reports.

How do I FTP files to my website?
Most answers to questions regarding FTP can be found here.

My website is built in WordPress, how do I make changes?
Most answers to questions regarding WordPress can be found here.

My domain name needs renewed, how do I renew it?
Most of our customers domains are registered through the registration company GKG.net. If you are the registrant you can login there and renew. ISM maintains a list of domains and will renew and invoice for most all of our customers. A great public lookup tool to see when a domain expires can be found here.

If you have questions or requests, please email ism@isminternet.com